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Subaru WRX & STi Top Mount Oil Cooler `01-`07

   B-Line Motorsports has developed a top mounted oil cooler kit that essentially mounts in the same location as the factory intercooler. Utilizing the dead space and scoop created by installing a front mount intercooler; our oil cooler can improve the vehicle’s overall cooling capabilities. The advantage of installing this top mounted oil cooler is the fact that the radiator and intercooler will work more efficiently by having one less object restricting air flow.

  Many hours were expended in the design of the mounting brackets so that the final product would incorporate the factory mounting holes when attaching the oil cooler to the motor. This type of installation allows the oil cooler to move in conjunction with the motor, resulting in a long life span. B-Line Motorsports has also wrapped certain portions of the oil lines that are near extreme heat, such as the turbo and exhaust manifold, with a lightweight sleeving that withstands radiant heat over 800°F. High engine oil temps can be lowered by as much as 35°F (1.7°C). Making this kit the most effective and most efficient kit on the market!

Kit Details:

  • High-Capacity / High Efficiency 25 Row Oil Cooler
  • Double Braided -10AN Aircraft Quality Hose (stainless inner braid with nylon outter braid)
  • High Flow Aluminum Thermostatic Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Adapter (185°F / 85°C)
  • Aluminum Aircraft Quality -10AN Fittings
  • Vehicle Specific, B-Line Motorsports Designed and Manufactured Aluminum Mounting Brackets
  • Extreme Heat, Protective Hose Sleeving
  • All Necessary Installation Hardware
  • Detailed Installation Instructions


Note: Kit fits with most aftermarket headers and charge piping. Installation with certian brand componests may need addtional spacer to clear properly.


Subaru WRX & STi Top Mount Oil Cooler `01-`07

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