Shelby GT350/R High-Flow Cats
B-Line Motorsports is now proud to offer a HIGH-FLOW catted version of our popular GT350/R test pipes!
The HIGH-FLOW test pipes are constructed from 100% 304 stainless steel construction, thick flanges, and OEM style damping mounts. Incorporated is a newly added feature!  A pair of 300 cell, fully metallic substrate, that flows over 500CFM each, giving the pipes the ability to handle 40% more workload than the typical ceramic core converter. A “CEL” (check engine light) work around has been integrated to help in the aid of preventing the ECU from triggering an unwanted diagnostic code. The test pipes are surface finished and TIG welded, adding to the overall appearance, quality and performance.

For mid 2017 and up models, the OEM vibration dampers attached to the factory catalytic converters are no longer removable / reusable. B-Line Motorsports is pleased to announce that we have worked out a solution for this.


Note: Due to demand part is approximately 3 weeks out from date of purchase. 


Designed, Engineered, & Manufactured in house in the USA!


Important: Selecting 2017 and later model years will automatically add the vibration damper to your order.


On rare occasion, some vehicles might exhibit a check engine light. If this does occur please contact us as we may be able to assist you in resolving it.


High flow cats are strictly for off-road use only, never intended for public highways or pollution controlled vehicles.

Shelby GT350/R High-Flow Cats