Acura NSX True Cold Air Intake

  Constructed out of aircraft quality aluminum tubing and mandrel bent with minimal smooth flowing radius; B-Line Motorsports is the original developers of the NSX true cold air intake system. Being the first of it's kind available for the NSX,  B-Line brought the air intake low and most importantly out of the engine bay, allowing the engine to ingest vast amounts of cool, dense, fresh air. Ultimately increasing overall performance & power.

  Utilizing a multi-layer cotton gauze filter element that is rechargeable and most importantly, engineered and developed with an integrated velocity stack that increases incoming air flow by 15% alone. Setting B-Line Motorsports apart from all other, making this one of the most optimal intake systems available for the NSX.

   Model years: 1991-2005

   Engine code: C30A & C32B

Acura NSX True Cold Air Intake

SKU: CA-103