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High Performance Automotive Products

Air Intake Systems

   Designed and engineered to increase performance and flow while maintaining a healthy air to fuel ratio, B-Line Motorsports air intake systems allow you to obtain the power you need without any worries. Featuring properly sized and length tubing, B-Line Motorsports is able to increase horsepower and torque throughout the rpm range, not just at redline. Developed to fit without the need of modifications, B-Line Motorsports looks for and chooses the best location to mount the specially engineered high flow filter for a cooler, oxygen rich intake charge. With quality as a larger part of our induction systems we strive to produce products that will last. Using mandrel bent aircraft aluminum, TIG welded construction, high quality silicone coupling, 100% stainless steel clamps, durable power coat finish, and a high flow multi-layer rechargeable filter.

Engine Oil Coolers

   Developed for the demanding conditions of sprinted driving, race applications, or even that of a modified vehicle. High engine oil temperatures will cause havoc on your motor. B-Line Motorsports oil cooler kits are designed specifically for those reasons, lowering oil temperatures as much as 40°F (depending on application). Utilizing the highest, race quality multi-row oil cooler core with true aircraft quality -AN fittings, braided lines, billet aluminum sandwich plate adapter, and specially designed per application mounting brackets. B-Line Motorsports oil cooler kits come complete with everything needed for reliability and performance.


   Engineered for pure power, B-Line Motorsports test-pipes are built from 100% 304 stainless steel and are TIG welded. Constructed from fixtures fabricated off of OEM components, to ensure fitment is of that to factory, but without the restriction. As with our high-flow cats, B-Line has integrated "CEL" (check engine light) fix, to avoid the ECU from trigger any unwanted fault codes.

High-Flow Catalytic Converters

   B-Line Motorsports high-flow cats are made out of 100% 304 stainless  steel from end to end featuring TIG welded construction. With a  fully metallic 200 cell substrate that flows over 550CFM, and is over 40% stronger then a typical ceramic core converters. Constructed with a spun 304 stainless steel shell that can withstand any abuse you put it through. With incorporated "CEL" (check engine light) fix, ensuring that the ECU is not triggering any fault codes due to the increase in flow.

Exhaust Systems

   B-Line Motorsports cat-back exhaust systems are designed from a racing development standpoint, that is then adapted for street application. Utilizing high quality, high-performance aspects which is subsequently incorporated with awesome sound. Introducing 100% 304 stainless steel material from end to end, CNC mandrel bent tubing, racing style v-band flanges and clamps, true high-flow merge collectors, and specifically tailored mufflers per application. Guaranteeing that an amazing sound is obtained, with increase in performance.