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Subaru WRX / STi Front Mount Oil Cooler


No matter what you hear, your factory Heat Exchanger does not provide sufficient cooling to maintain your upgraded Subaru WRX / STi. If you have a bigger turbo or if you are producing more than stock horsepower, a supplementary Oil Cooler kit is required. Increased horsepower means more heat. More heat means more things can go wrong. With the installation of the B-Line Oil Cooler kit, we have seen an average drop in oil temps of 15°F to 30°F. We tested both the transmission oil cooler and the two-row power steering oil coolers and have come to the conclusion that these kits are a waste of your time and money. B-Line Motorsports uses a racing style multi-row oil cooler like those used on race cars. We believe that the multi-row oil cooler is the best system available.

Model years: 2001-2007

Engine code: EJ20 & EL25

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